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I make coffee and sell cheesesteaks for a living. ☹ I'm currently working on my Associates Degree so I can get a job I actually enjoy. I plan to make more time to work on my fitness and personal hobbies. I'm just trying to be the girl I always dream about being.

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“If you want a positive relationship with yourself you have to make it a priority, you have to feel it’s important because it’s like a fine wine, it’s takes time to mature. You need to put in the hard yards to get the results.”

Missi | curvecreation (via curvecreation)

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“Just because I liked something at one point in time doesn’t mean I’ll always like it, or that I have to go on liking it at all points in time as an unthinking act of loyalty to who I am as a person, based solely on who I was as a person. To be loyal to myself is to allow myself to grow and change, and challenge who I am and what I think. The only thing I am for sure is unsure, and this means I’m growing, and not stagnant or shrinking.”

Jarod Kintz

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There is nothing prettier than a city at 5 AM with its empty streets and cold wind

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